Rave Reviews

Linen Dreams Testimonials"There is nothing like a well-made, well-designed robe that actually fits! Thank you a thousand times. It came in the mail swiftly and was exactly as described. It is perfect. If you expand your inventory with additional items please let me know."

- Susan Lense

"I am so happy to have found your website. I have been searching for years to find the items you carry. The prices are very reasonable. You are honest and professional. I am thrilled and look foward to buying your products in the future. I wish the long sleeved dress came in other colors." 

- Maureen Gamerel

"My wonderful robe is not only a gift to me, but a gift I can give and come up a winner ever time."

- Celeste Clement

"Bought it in a pinch for a cruise, ended up wearing it wearing it as both a nightie and all purpose dress....thanks!."

- Priscilla Kennedy

"Linen Dreams! Thank you for saving my impromptu beach wedding. I wore the white, my bridesmaids were chic in black."

- Jade Jenning

"I'm ordering a second so I can always have a fresh one on hand when mine is in the wash. I wear it everyday! It has gotten better with age."
- Kay Thompson